How to Help Yourself Get Help From Others

Did you know that when you need help the most you might actually be sabotaging your efforts to get it? It doesn’t make sense; but it’s true. This applies when you are both, physically or situationaly in need.

The primary reason of sabotage is due to our resistance to being vulnerable.  When we are vulnerable we are transparent and truthful about our plight. There is no doubt that we are down and in need. People can clearly see it and empathize with our predicament.

However, most of us fight to hide our need; feeling we will be seen as weak if we do. It is very humbling to be truly vulnerable because we put ourselves in the position of being ridiculed and judged a failure; or, so we think. The reality is, the more vulnerable we are the more others will come to our aid. If we minimize or hide our need in an attempt to not look bad it stirs up the predator spirit in others and motivates them to reveal just how bad off we really are. When the need is finally uncovered it is never followed by a desire to help. It ends at the discovery.

If we are vulnerable and bear our souls we end up receiving mercy and assistance. Very few people can ignore someone in need when they are truly vulnerable. The only reason someone will ignore those in need  is if they are habitually in need and seem to be continuing the same actions or behavior that causes them to be in need.

The next time you find yourself in desperate situation and realize the only way you can get out if it is with help from others do the following:

  • Find a person to support you. They should not be the ones who can help you get out of you predicament but can help you move through the process of getting help from the right person(s).
  • Totally embrace your situation. Strip away every bit of denial and clearly acknowledge your plight. Do not identify excuses or place blame on anyone. If it is true you should point out your mistakes that contributed to your situation. Identify the points of pain and the most likely sources of help.
  • Meet with those sources of help and be as truthful and venerable as you can be. Paint the picture of your situation so clearly that they have no choice but to empathize with you. Have a humble demeanor and recognize that they have a choice to help you. Then ask for help.

Following this advice may be the hardest, most and humiliating experience of your life; but, it will be better than not getting the help you need and having to endure the circumstances.