Why We Know EOS Will Work

You’ve heard about EOS. You’ve done some research. But still, you’re not convinced. Is it really going to help me achieve what I want with my business?

That skepticism is healthy. Whenever someone promises you something, you should be somewhat skeptical. After all, it’s the job of sales and marketing people to promote seemingly unbelievable claims. Healthy skepticism keeps us from getting ourselves into harmful or wasteful predicaments. We put our boundaries up because we want to protect ourselves from risk. But if we’re too skeptical, it can keep us from choosing to move forward.


EOS: Real-World Tested and Proven

EOS is proven to deliver, but you don’t have to take our word for it — the promises fulfilled are the evidence. There’s a massive wave of people who have tested and adopted EOS since 2007. Currently, 4,200 companies are using it and were able to verify the improvements these companies achieve because they’re tracked through an organizational 360-degree assessment that is given before, during and after the work we do with them. In fact, those assessments reveal that consistent exponential growth is common after we implement EOS.

Bottom line, the holistic, systemic business operating system incorporated into the EOS model and tools is tuned for success. So it’s no surprise that 68% of new clients are referrals from existing clients. This isn’t a simple, trite intervention.


The Proof is in the Process

What about your business? We know EOS will work for you because we use a repeatable process that goes all the way down to each and every specific session. It’s engineered to establish a strong foundation in the beginning, so you get early wins to gain momentum. We then layer on additional improvements and advanced capabilities to help you get better.

How you go about any performance improvement and intervention is critical. That’s why we follow a proven, successful approach that includes cycles of education, implementation, interaction, and refinement:

  1. We educate you on the tools and context for them.
  2. We work with you to implement.
  3. You interact with the tools over some period of time.
  4. And then we refine it.

Because this process is ultimately about change, we’ve also integrated professional change management methods into what we do. This minimizes potential resistance to change and reduced the impact on your day-to-day world — all while ensuring you’re getting the greatest benefits out of what we’re implementing.

The process doesn’t operate in a vacuum, though. All of the work and ideas will come out of your leadership team. It’s their knowledge, wisdom and problem-solving abilities that actually make the company change. The structure we offer just helps channel that wisdom more productively. The 25,000-plus sessions we’ve delivered are a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.


Continuous Improvement is Part of Our DNA

Our role as EOS implementors is a big part of the EOS process, and like you and every other company out there, we know we have to continually work at getting better. The good news is because we’re integrated with a larger group, we have access to experience and advice beyond our own organization. There’s a direct link between our experiences in client sessions and quarterly all-hands meetings with all 227 EOS professional implementors.

These meetings give us the opportunity to learn best practices, find ways to overcome difficult situations and maintain and refine our knowledge. And if we need additional assistance on uncommon client issues, we can get advice through regular weekly meetings.

We also have 24/7 access to a web portal with current lessons learned and best practices. Because there’s a constant stream of new and different ideas available to us, we’re never isolated and out on our own trying to figure these things out.


There’s No Value in Being Stuck

Skepticism is healthy; avoidance is not. If you’re worried that change won’t be easy, well, it won’t — change is never easy. But the path to betterment always goes through change. There is no way around it. And that means you have a decision to make. Either you want and need to change for the better, or you don’t. Make the choice to say “yes” to change, or decide you can put up with the status quo and let it go.